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Stephen ...Jul 28, 2010 ..need to know about buying and renting movies and TV shows from Sky Store .....If you cannot play movies or television shows from iTunes due to dropped frames and stuttering, your Internet connection is probably unable to ...Dec 20, 2010 ..Also, videos purchased by me over my Apple TV have no lag whatsoever in ....Show moreCan't download apps, ..Trying to download a prepurchased tv show since last night but wont let us even go past clicking downloadThese 10 tips could be used to make your iTunes run faster in Mac and Win

If your on demand downloads are too slow, try these suggestions: ...Sep 19, 2012 ....Even with a fast internet ...Mar 31, 2017 ..iTunes is the easiest way to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, ...TV series via iTunes on the other hand are painfully slow, usually taking around 60-200 minutes for a half hour show to become watchable in ...Have you encountered slow downloading issues with iTunes? ..After plugging it back in, try streaming iTunes purchases again

..Whenever I open iTunes, it tries to download some purchases that I don't want anymore (old Lost episodes) that I haven't wanted for years.Mar 19, 2016 ..I was able to download TV shows on my iPad from iTunes, but app ...Real-time overview of problems with iTunes in AustraliaDownloading on Apple TV painfully slow ...backing up, and similar tasks), it might slow down your local network speed a1b2dd01f2